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Chaud Time is an interactive art installation that combines digital technology with sculpture and photography. It was developed in collaboration with the innovation company Blackleaf following a development prize awarded by Tango and Scan. Some elements were exhibited at Shadok during the European Creativity Biennale 2023. 


Screen Projection


The information projected onto a large screen projection controls the rhythm and development of the installation. At the centre a thermal camera records live images of the visitors. Around the edges are an array of different number counters. Each counter displays statistics in realtime from a different event that is taking place either locally, globally or in outer space. Some relate to human activity whilst others are naturally occurring phenomenon. They show For example - the amount of air breathed by the artist so far that day, the kilometers of toilet paper bought so far that year around the world or the amount of time until the next visible comet. 

Central Sculpture


A sculpture in the form of a cube (50cm sides) suspends from the ceiling in the centre of the room. The sides are made from thin electric radiators that use graphene heating technology. The facade of each side is covered in a metallic wax-like substance. 

The sculpture is connected to the information being displayed on the screen which controls the temperature of the radiators. As it become warmer, the substance begin to melt and drip down below. 

Image credit Johanna Nelles

Image credit Johanna Nelles

The drips are caught on a canvas and progressively creates its own abstract painting. 


Image credit Johanna Nelles



Details from this painting are used to create a series of photographic images working in collaboration with photographer Johanna Nelles.


Images credit Johanna Nelles © 2024

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