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Tinkagram is an ongoing project launched on Instagram in 2021. It applies the principles of architectural intervention that run through other areas of my artistic practise to a digital social media platform.

Essentially, each posted image somehow breaks through the platform's fourth wall, interacting directly with its interface. Using simple graphic design software and techniques, Tinkagrams
play and intervene in the digital and virtual space in the same way as my sculptures do with a physical space. The image undergoes a process of abstractification (sic), merging with its environment and questioning the boundaries between user /provider and content/ structure. They interact directly with a range of features such as like, share, save and comment icons, automatically generated algorithms to follow other users and swiping and scroll movement.

Social media interfaces are designed to seduce and hook its users, keeping them on the platform for as long as possible. Tinkagrams allow the user to manipulate and question our relationship with this environment which is usually subject to tight control from an invisible hand.
They are intended to be viewed ideally on a smartphone device.

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