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Simply put, the threshold between abstract and material identities is fundamental to our existence. We know this because the only known place in the entire universe to support life inhabits this zone. Earth's biosphere is a fragile, wafer thin membrane making up only 1 % of the planet  but one that teams with untold complex networks. It balances on the cusp between the abstracts of space and atmosphere above and the material of solid rock below. 

Ben Jack Nash’s varied practise spans across sculpture, installation, performance, film, writing, speaking and academia. The artworks often have a close relationship with their host space - drawing on architectural features, using outside influences to inform the object, or picking up on changes in temperature or the ambient light. They hone in on the interplay of ‘identity shifts’ when things nudge their identity from one state of existence to another. This might be with regards to the physical matter in objects, states of perception, the social and political landscape or between public and private dimensions. A particular focus is between  these material and abstract states.  The artist identifies these profoundly influential moments and places as spiritual and that can only be deduced through consequences or traces left behind.

Texts and writings focus on what he terms 'triple A' or Age of Accelerated Abstractification [sic] and often involves teaming up with other non-art based disciplines. This concerns the idea that we should use the lens of art, aesthetics and physical matter to unravel social and political phenomenon; exploring how culture, values and beliefs are closely comparable to the behavior of material, space and movement. In doing so we can connect and predict geopolitical trends that shape the future such as climate change, rises in populism, digitisation, free trade, the modern family and sectarianism... whilst linking it all up with particle physics, of course.


Lives and works in Strasbourg and London

Works with Gallery Radial Contemporain



2022      Solo Booth @Karlsruhe Kunstlermesse Art fair, in assoc. with the city of Karlsruhe - GER

2021       Invitrineous, Radial gallery, Strasbourg - FR

2021       An Artist in the President's cabinet? Ateliers Ouverts, Bastion XIV, Strasbourg - FR

2019       Almost...but not quite, Radial gallery, Strasbourg - FR

2018       Les Résidus du Vide/ Leftover from the Void, Reichshoffen abandoned synagogue - FR

2016       Council of Europe, Strasbourg - FR

2014       Standby, Zwingenberg public art gallery, Alsbach  - GER

2013       Kayserguet (Kartier Nord), Pavillion Henri-Louis Kayser, Strasbourg - FR

2013       Nour Festival of Arts and Culture, Chelsea Old Town Hall,  installation for launch

                 of festival; Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London  (here)  - UK

2012       Sculpted Colour, Galerie Planet Theatre, Strasbourg - FR

2012       Jeunes Artistes, Galerie Quédar (now Galerie Art’Course), Strasbourg - FR

2012       Book jacket, ‘Islamic Veiling in Legal Discourse’, Routledge publishers (here) - UK

2012       The Council of Europe, wall installation, Strasbourg - FR


2021      Is Populism made from Plastic? HEPP #2, University of Helsinki - FL

2021      St-Art art fair, Strasbourg ( in assoc. with the city of Strasbourg) - FR

2021       1 jour 1 oeuvre (online), Department of Culture and Arts, Ville de Strasbourg - FR

2019       Summer Exhibition, Radial gallery, Strasbourg - FR

2019       ...lieratelieratel..., les ateliers ouverts, Bastion XIV, Strasbourg - FR

2016       Regionale 17, Cargo, Basel - CZ

2016       Arte Laguna, Arsenale, Venice - IT

2015       Creekside Open (curated by Richard Deacon), APT Gallery, London - UK

2015       The Open West, The Wilson Contemporary, Cheltenham - UK

2014       [In]visible, Shape Gallery, London - UK

2014       Wells Art Contemporary (curated by Richard Wentworth/ Anita Taylor/ Donald

                 Smith), Wells and Mendip Museum - UK

2014        Verve Sculpture Prize, Loud and Western, London

2014        Showcase, Nesta Headquarters, London (here) - UK

2013        Je Crise, Tu Crise, Nous Luttons; Jarnis Médiathèque, Moselle (here) - FR

2013        Aesthetica Art Prize, York St. Mary’s, York (here) - UK

2013        Borders, Iranian Culture Festival, The Art’s Complex Gallery, Edinburgh - UK

2012        Hybrid Identities, Gallery Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista, Venice (here) - UK

2012        Global Village, Bronden Strand Centrum, Copenhagen (here) - DK

2012        Backlash, Soho20 Gallery, New York (here) - US

2012        Hidden cities, Hotel Ripa, Rome - IT

2012        Kodina, Arbeit Gallery, London - UK

2012        Global Village, Château de Sully, Borgogne (here) - FR

2012        Global Village, Projekt  72, Alkmaar - NL

2012        Cultural Identity, Palazzo Albrizzi Gallery, Venice - IT


2022      25th Karlsruher Künstlermesse Prize, exhibited finalist - GER

2020     Individual artistic creation (aide individuelle a la création), Grand Est region - FR

2018      Bastion XIV, studio attribution, Municipalilty of Strasbourg - FR

2017       La Dînée, Accélérateur de Particules, Strasbourg , project winner (here) - FR

2017       Individual artistic creation (aide individuelle a la création), Grand Est region - FR

2016       Arte Laguna, Venice, installation and sculpture, finalist - IT

2016       IEAA, Dubai (art fair),  shortlist - UAE

2015       Xerxes Sculpture Prize, Serpentine Gallery, London, selected finalist - UK

2014       Shape Open, London, finalist (juried by Yinka Shonibare) - UK

2014       WAC, Somerset, finalist - UK

2014       Verve Sculpture Prize, London, runner-up - UK

2013       Aesthetica Magazine Art Prize, three dimensional design & sculpture, finalist - UK

2013       Design and Artists Copyright Society award - UK

2012       Aesthetica Creative Works Competition, finalist - UK

2012       Young Artists’ Prize, Galerie Quédar, Strasbourg, winner - FR

2015/ 2018/ 2019 Les Ateliers Ouverts, ‘ Parcours Choisis’ (selected artist), Strasbourg - FR


2022      Violence and catastrophe in an age of uncertainty, University of Derby - UK     

2022      DNA Our Stories, Warwick Arts Centre - UK

2021       Emotions, Populism and Polarisation, HEPP conference, Univ. of Helskinki - FL

2021       Democracy and Populism (in the age of covid), CAPPE, Univ. of Brighton - UK

2020      In other times, Max Planck Inst./ Comenius Garden, Berlin - GER (postponed due to covid-19)

2020      Multidisciplinary Approaches to Political Discourse, Univ. of Liverpool - UK (postponed due to covid-19)

2020      Research in the arts the arts in research; Cultural Literacy in Europe, Univ. of Lodz - PL

2020      Aesthetics of Decay, LCIR, St. Anne's college, Univ. of Oxford - UK

2020      Culturgest, Anthropocene Campus Lisboa: Parallax (CIUHCT/Max Planck Inst./ HKW)

2019       The EU and the Politicization of Europe (8th Edition), Euroacademia, Gent - B


2002  MA University of Nottingham - UK

2001   CEP Sciences-Po, Lille - FR

2000  BA Manchester Metropolitan University - UK


- Book chapter: What's the matter with time?', In Other Times (In anderen Zeiten)- Changing Discourses of Time across Human History,  w/ MPIWG Berlin, Comenius Garten Berlin, Frank & Timme Press

Aesthetica Magazine; Aesthetica Magazine Anthology “100 Contemporary Artists”;  Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace; Routledge UK; Bergsträsser Anzieger (Germany), Coze magazine (Fr); Point Contemporain (Fr); Jewish Renaissance; Nesta UK; Versant Est; The Gaze of a Parisienne, France3




Salomon Foundation

Passions Alsace Foundation

Région Grand Est

Accélerateur des Particules

Région des Parc des Vosges du Nord

CIBR Strasbourg

Arts Council UK