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Artists in the President's cabinet? (2021)


Anne Mistler


Maylis Cerbelaud


Marianne Therre-Mano

Museum director (MAMCS)

Estelle Pietrzyk


Antoine Hoffman


Joachim Lupberger

The performance
Artist Christian Botale performed '4 years old' which took place in a large inflatable paddling pool which the panel members were sat around. Dressed in a black suit and tie he playfully moved around with a water pistol and children's water toys throughout the duration. The  performance, which referenced the artist's Congolese identity and childhood ran simultaneously to the discussion.

The panel discussion
This art constellation brought together an artist with a politician, an ambassador, a museum of contemporary art director, a virologist and activist. The panelists were asked by the moderator to think about what role, if any, art and artists play in their respectful milieus? Whether they could imagine an artist doing their job? Whether like a scientist artists could be considered as experts? And whether they should have a more direct role in politics? Viewed in the context of AAA (age of accelerated abstractification),  the artwork considers how the identities defining both physical and social landscapes have become increasingly blurred and including those of art and the artist.

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A multi-dimensional and collaborative artwork combining sound, performance and sculpture with a panel discussion.

The Sculpture
A polystyrene cube shaped block sat on a typical white base was sculpted as the discussion played out. Every time a participant mentioned the word 'art' or 'artist', this would engage a sculptural gesture to be carried out on the block. By the end all sides of the cube were carved forming an organic, cellular structure. At the conclusion of the discussion, the artist proceeded to melt down the entire block and use its residue to fill the holes that had been made in the base.

View film

The Podcast

Listen to Ben Jack Nash introduce the project and talk about some of the themes it touches on (French only/ en français)

Artist's intro 1/3
00:00 / 05:41
Artist's intro 2/3
00:00 / 05:38
Artist's intro 3/3
00:00 / 05:23
Anchor 1

The film

AITPC video (24')

Les artistes au cabinet du Président? #2


24 minutes

The performance

AITPC performance (5')

Les artistes au cabinet du Président? #3

Performance, film projection, water spray, window, dissolving paper, scraper

Video duration - 5 minutes

Full performance - 24 minutes

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